Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Situation...

It is about 11 PM, I walk into the living room and through the drawn curtains I can see the flashing of emergency lights.

The doorbell rings, my dog barks. Holding Emmo by his collar I open the door to see a police officer standing there, "...good evening sir, we have an armed situation next door; please, stay inside and away from that side of the house. We will let you know when all is settled..."

I go back into my office. About 25 minutes later I hear a muffled "bang", Emmo growls; it was not a gun shot.

Another 15 minutes pass then the doorbell rings again. A different officer is at the door "...sir all is safe now, thank you for your cooperation..." He remarks on Emmo's coat coloring, he used to be on the K9 squad. We talk dogs and about the K9 officers we both know. I ask him what happened. "...a guy barricaded himself inside the house with a gun and threatened suicide, his family called 911..."
The police shot a flash grenade through the window, busted down the front door, and arrested the man.

The following morning I see my neighbor in his front yard, he apologizes for the disturbance the night before. I asked if everyone is alright, "...oh yes we are OK, my brother in-law has problems. We'll need to replace the window, the door, and the carpet..." I did not pry into the nature of those problems.

It took them a week to have everything replaced or repaired.

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