Monday, May 31, 2010

The Albuquerque Journal drives me nuts

Last Monday I wrote about the Albuquerque City Council meeting in which they approved the 2011 budget for NM FBIHOP
The Albuquerque Journal reported it as well.

This morning under the headline "...Council Budget Outstrips Growth Elsewhere..." there is this
“...The City Council's budget has grown about six times as fast as the rest of Albuquerque's operational spending since 2005, partly because of clashes over land-use planning with former Mayor Martin Chávez.
Now that there's a new mayor and the expectation of better relations, council spending is due to slow some next year. Still, its proposed $3.4 million budget for next year is 78 percent higher than its 2005 budget, while the rest of City Hall's basic operations have risen only 13 percent...”
Full article (subscription required)

While the article does explain the reasons for the council's budget growth, the headline and the beginning of the article make it seem like the budget has grown disproportionally.

Is that the best the writer could come up with after a week of comparing budgets? Why use a 5 year figure?

Oh Journal, you may be the paper of record, unfortunately the best use for you is in the outhouse...

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