Monday, May 17, 2010

GOP gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez's credibility takes another hit

Three County Sheriffs released public records, maintained by New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts, showing Susana Martinez's soft stance on felony DWI offenders (4th or higher offense).
Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano, Valencia County Sheriff Rene Rivera, and Rio Arriba County Sheriff Joe Mascarenas participated in the press conference held in Albuquerque this morning.

The video is courtesy of Democracy for New Mexico which wrote an extensive article about it County Sheriffs Release Documents Showing More Than 1000 DWI Plea Bargains by DA Susana Martinez

According to the record there were more than 1000 plea bargains for felony DWI offenders in the 3rd Judicial District (Doña Ana County).
On her campaign website on the issue of crime regarding DWI she says the following

I will also look to strengthen our DWI laws to reduce drunk driving and ensure that repeat drunk drivers are where they belong – behind bars

Hmm - how about enforcing existing laws, and maintaining previous campaign promises.

Yesterday refusal to talk to the press, last week's proposal for an already existing "Transparency Portal".
None of this speaks well for Martinez on honesty, ethics, or transparency that New Mexico needs.
The Sheriff's posse is not impressed with Susana Martinez's record, neither am I.

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