Friday, May 7, 2010

Respectful, policy-focused CD1 race?

Earlier in the week in an interview with Jon Barela, the Republican challenger to U.S. Rep. Martin Heinrich, stated
"...I’m going to try to do my best to remain respectful and focus on the issues,”
Then yesterday in a press release announcing his advancement to "Young Guns" by the National Republican Campaign Committee, he seems to have forgotten that.

The “Young Gun” status is the highest level in the NRCC program which gives fundraising and infrastructure support to candidates in districts held by Democrats.

Here is part of the press release, which can be found on Jon Barela's website.
"...“During this campaign, Mr. Heinrich will have to stand before the voters and try to justify why taxes have been increased by over $670 billion during his time in Congress, while unemployment continues to climb over 9 percent in Albuquerque,” continued Barela. “Whether it’s raising taxes, cutting Medicare, increasing insurance premiums, or voting for the massive increases to our national debt, Mr. Heinrich has proven that his loyalties to his party bosses and far-left special interests are stronger than his loyalties to New Mexico’s families..."

It seems that Mr. Barela has well mastered the "lockstep" characteristic of his party, spewing falsehood and fear. Did he forget which administration's policies necessitated the bailouts? The $670 Billion "tax increases" fails to mention that much of that is just sunsetting of Bush taxcuts.
Could it be that Rep. Heinrich voted the way he did, because these new policies actually make sense for the people of New Mexico and the country as a whole?

Rep. Heinrich has reached out to the people of New Mexico in many ways; Congress on the corner, last summer's Health care reform forum, Job fairs. Those are just the most visible ones, his loyalty to New Mexicans cannot be questioned.

Respectful issue based race? Not so much, if the above is a portent of things to come. 

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