Thursday, July 1, 2010

Did I forget this blog

Not really. Over the past few months I have realized a few things about blogging, reporting, and myself as a writer.

Generating regular content requires a kind of discipline that I do not yet have. I admire those that have something to say on a daily basis.

When writing I tend to get lost in details, that is, trying to give extensive background info so the reader can have a context. Writing about politics this attitude, aside from being non-productive, is also somewhat arrogant; those that are interested enough to read my posts will know enough to understand the context. 

Prior to blogging, the only things I wrote for public consumption have been high level project plans, position papers, occasional product/option comparisons, or outlines for presentations that I gave. All of this writing often contained large amounts of detail, and did not necessarily need to be compelling reading; those reading it had to, ditto for those attending my presentations.

Matt Reichbach of New Mexico FBIHOP has been a great help in correcting my punctuation, occasionally rephrasing some of what I wrote, or general suggestions for my posts on his blog.

Going forward, most of my posts relating to policy or politics will be at NM FBIHOP, I may cross-post some here.

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