Friday, July 9, 2010

Police brutality acquitted in California

As I write this it is just about midnight, in the background I am listening to a web feed of the Alameda County PD, Fire, and Sheriff Department's radio traffic. Listening for news of the protests after the jury verdict of the Oscar Grant case.

Oscar Grant was a 22 year-old African American man, who was shot and killed on New Year’s Day 2009 as he was laying face down on a subway platform in Oakland, CA.

The killer of Oscar Grant, former BART police officer Johannes Merle, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter by the jury.

I am sure the mainstream media will have plenty of coverage of the "rioters", and indeed the destruction of property and looting of stores is somewhat puzzling to me, but that would be another piece.

Emotions were running high in the streets and on Twitter; I also saw some calls for reason, such as these:

“Pray for Oakland. Pray for Oscar Grant's family. Violence is not justice. We're better and stronger than what they expect #OGTrial

This is only the beginning. Anticipate the worst. Lets hope for peaceful/proper resolution. Violence is not the solution. #Oakland #OGtrial”

It will be interesting to see the reports in the media, but for me more interesting will be the amount and duration of coverage. He was just a kid, not a celebrity.


Placentia Police said...

Keep spreading the truth!!

Claus said...

Thank you PP, that is my intent.