About this blog

I tossed this blog together one early morning during the 2010 New Mexico Regular legislative session as a means to do live-blog in the event in case a particular bill would actually be heard by the Senate Finance Committee towards the end of the session. The Bill was eventually heard - kind of - but The New Mexico Independent was there to cover it.

I've had a lifelong interest in public policy, since the tool was here I decided to blog occasionally about politics and life in general, with a New Mexico slant.

Will my writing be "neutral"?
It cannot be, unless a writer limits herself to reporting only stats - e.g. "...3 people entered the store at 9:30 AM..." - any writing will be informed by one's beliefs and life experience.

My constant work is to be conscious of my actions, to be present and meet head-on what surrounds me. Breaking and penetrating beyond pretenses, yet remain whole and untouched by them.
Each person has to use the available method, with the same clarity and immediacy of intuition or vision.
The expressive method is not always clear – the conscience not yet being full-grown – and it becomes a clutter of symbols, transforming itself from method of expression to an object of interpretation.